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Temporary Learning Centre is on construct in 20 different schools in Sindhuli district more than 800 students will be benefited by these. It has been supported by UNICEF through Restless Development Nepal. 577 Schools will be obtained ECD kit recreation kit and bags in school supported by UNICEF.

  • Training for head teachers and ECD facilitators for using teaching material which is distributed by UNICEF through Restless Development country office Kathmandu.
  • Workshop of effective use of information and communication techology in the classroom has been conducted in 2017 augusta 13th and 14th supported by UNESCO Nepal.



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Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) SINDHULI is one of the non-profitable organization. It is established in 2068 B.S. It is different organization than conducting other organizations in Sindhhuli District. The organization has own existence on the field of the community. Read More

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Address: Sindhuli, Dhungrebas
Contact No.: 9844094496

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