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Extra-Curriculum activities program had done in different 25 schools in Sindhuli by organization.
  • Quality education improvement plan survey of 25 school of Sindhuli by organization.
  • Sanitation and School health program by organization.
  • Child right program (Child club and child clubnetwork formation) and child right training supported by DDO Sindhuli.
  • Mosquito awareness program in Dhadauli, ladhavirsirthauli VDCS and Bhiman area is organized by ASHMAN Nepal manpower is managed by IRDP Sindhuli.
  • Concept of education system of future federal state workshop through ASHMAN Nepal by UNESCO Nepal.
  • Tarpaulin (tent) distribution for earthquake victim people through ASHMAN Nepal bywelt hunger half.
  • Planning effective delivery education for future federal state by UNESCO.
  • PFA(psycho-socio First Aids) ,monsoon preparedness and back to school training for social and health teachers of four resource Centre(167 schools) of Sindhuli supported by UNICEF through Restless Development country office Kathmandu Nepal
  • Workshop on ’counseling for adolescent girls and young women’supported by UNESCO Nepal.
  • 14 temporary toilets are constructed in emergency phase.
  • Wash kits distribution in 20 schools.
  • Educational kits distribution in187 schools.

Education improvement

Educational kits

Distribution for earthquake victim

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Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) SINDHULI is one of the non-profitable organization. It is established in 2068 B.S. It is different organization than conducting other organizations in Sindhhuli District. The organization has own existence on the field of the community. Read More

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